Welcome to West Palm Beach

Located north of Miami, West Palm Beach is the oldest city in Palm Beach County and is a diverse blend of historic and modern sites along beautiful beaches and scenic drives.

In the 1870s and 1880s, settlers came to this part of Florida and included many who would go on to have a hand in leading the business community and building the city. This small group settlers named this land “Lake Worth Country” and began growing tropical fruits and vegetables for shipment across the United States.

In 1893, Henry Flagler, a prominent industrialist who saw the value of the area and its development potential, paid two of the settlers to own this land. In November of 1894, Flagler and the residents voted for this land from Clear Lake to Lake Worth to be incorporated and it became known as the Town of West Palm Beach. In 1909, Palm Beach Country was formed and West Palm Beach became the County seat.

In the following years after, the city saw a huge surge in residents from 1920 to 1927 and because of the Florida land and population boom, the city became a popular place to visit for its nightlife. Businesses were built and neighborhoods with large homes and beautiful landscapes began to develop as well. However, with the deadly 1928 Okeechobee hurricane and the Depression in the 1930s, both property values and the city population took a sharp decline and for years, the city remained stagnant.

However, during World War II, the United States built the Palm Beach Air Force Base in Palm Beach Country, which brought soldiers and airman back to the area after the war was over and in 1950, the city began to once again thrive in business efforts as well as population.

To this day, Palm Beach County is the leading producer of sugar and sweet corn as well producing vegetables such as bells peppers, lettuce and radishes.

According to the US Censes, 104,000 people call West Palm Beach home and the city is diverse in population. The city continually strives to take steps to improve the city and seek growth. In 2010, West Palm Beach underwent a revitalization to improve areas of the city and their efforts have paid off with a beautiful transformation that offers something for everyone.

The city has something for everyone and proudly boasts 15 historic districts, an art district and a downtown area that includes high-end shopping, fine dining, exciting nightlife and home to many established businesses including the leading Plastic Surgery SEO company, Elite Rank Media